The farming community

Environmental and Family Health Concerns

Soil degradation, coupled with the use of agrochemicals, have compromised the land and the agave farmers tending to it. Water resources are also increasingly finite. This affects both agave harvests and the supply of potable water, often imperiling children. Kids additionally suffer when they must attend undercapitalized, under- resourced rural schools near the distilleries where their parents work.


Crops are at Risk

While the agave industry is a major source of income for the city of Guadalajara, it's not without its problems. One of the biggest issues is soil degradation due to agave monoculture, or the cultivation of one crop in a single area. The decline in soil quality has reduced biodiversity and made it harder for other crops to grow. Another concern is the heavy use of agrochemicals, like pesticides and herbicides, which have been linked to health problems for farmers and area residents. Through your donation to TTCF, we’re helping to ensure that any medical issues that arise are acknowledged, documented, and treated by healthcare professionals on the ground.


Family are Vulnerable

The agave industry has also put a strain on water resources, impacting access to clean drinking water. Children are especially threatened, as they may be exposed to chemicals while playing in fields or nearby homes. Additionally, there are socioeconomic factors to consider. Relying on the agave industry can create financial instability for families, as the industry may be subject to fluctuations in demand or pricing—forcing parents to work unpredictable hours, often without childcare or adequate schooling for their kids. TTCF aims to guarantee both access to potable water for families, as well as high-quality educational environments, anchored by new computer labs for online learning.