Who We Are

TTCF is committed to giving back to the people in the agave spirits community with the goal of improving their lives and making changes for the betterment of the industry.

Tequila That Cares Foundation

We launched TTCF to offer direct support and accessible funding to communities connected to the agave spirits industry. Over the years, as these spirits grew in popularity, celebrity tequila brands multiplied, smaller producers faltered, and bartenders, growers, and their families lacked far too many protections. We witnessed the effects these conditions had on the industry, and we were determined to make changes, beginning with worthy causes in the education, healthcare, and agriculture sectors.

Guadalajara, Mexico

The farming community

Price fluctuations, land degradation, and the use of pesticides all affect jimodores and their families, leading to financial uncertainty. TTCF wants to ensure a bright future by donating funds to the children of men and women working in the spirts industry. We’re starting with education—getting electricity and a new water line for a school in Jalisco and ultimately funding computer labs so that farmers’ children can learn virtually.


Our Bartenders

Many of us have either tended bar ourselves or have someone close to us who does. It can be an incredible job as well as a stressful one, particularly when it comes to physical and mental health. Knowing this, TTCF partnered with the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild to split funds and source charitable donations to bartenders who’ve fallen on hard times and need healthcare, addiction, or recovery support.

Our goal is to engage directly with people in the agave spirits community—partnering with them to implement positive, lasting change while leading others with an unwavering commitment to doing good.

What We Believe in


Monoculture ultimately upsets the soil’s natural balance and robs it of nutrients. Heavy use of agrochemicals like fertilizers and pesticides can cause both acute and chronic adverse effects on agave growers. TTCF advocates for industry solutions that prioritize safety and put environment and people ahead of profits.


When the agave industry thrives, ideally everyone it touches does, too. Yet schools near the distilleries where parents work are woefully underfunded, and children in Jalisco lack access to basic educational opportunities. TTCF aims to help these families by providing funds to support a variety of initiatives, including the construction of school computer labs to facilitate virtual learning.


In both Mexico and the United States, industry workers aren’t getting the physical and mental healthcare they rightly deserve. Whether it’s a basic checkup, or treatment for chronic health issues or addiction, accessing care can be burdensome and costly. TTCF wants to help by offering healthcare grants in partnership with the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild.

Board Partners

Jason Krasno

I have been involved in the agave spirit industry first as someone who appreciates the spirit and then as someone who wanted to help in the industry since 1999.  I run a charity project called the Mission1530 Program that is raising money for T.I.P. to help traditional producers protect the agave spirit industry through legislation and education.  Additionally, I am one of the founders of TTCF which will have more of a direct charitable impact on the Agave Spirit Community.

El Tesoro Muy Anejo (Handed to me by Carlos Camerena from his grandfather), The Four expressions from the Mission 1530 Program because it is a labor of love.

Vinicio Estrada

I am a veteran in the agave spirits industry, starting as President of Tequila Partida in Mexico. During my time there, I played a crucial role in the company's development. Following my departure from Partida, I received numerous requests to assist foreign individuals and companies in the development of their own agave spirits and decided to start Tequila Partners.  These requests encompass not only Tequila, but also Mezcal, Raicilla, and Sotol. As part of my responsibilities, I am dedicated to creating a borderless company culture that empowers our clients and partners from all over the world.  I am proud to be a Mexican, and I am fortunate that my job is to promote and create spirits that are part of our culture.

Choosing my favorite tequilas is always a challenging task, but if I were to begin, I would have to mention the Lotecito second batch. I had the pleasure of experiencing it firsthand at Casa Lotecito, alongside my dear friends Grover and Scarlet.  Another tequila that holds a special place in my heart is Quintaliza. What sets it apart is its unique technique, which naturally infuses coffee notes.  Lastly, I must mention Cascahuin 11 Brix, a tequila that captivated my taste buds with its exceptional flavor profile and prepared by my friend Chava Rosales.

Lucas Assis

I was a bartender in Los Angeles for 11 years and began my journey in the beautiful world of agave spirits about 6 years ago. In 2020, when both my jobs closed, I started to share my passion for agave spirits. My goal is to use my platform to be an advocate of traditional agave spirit production. Today I split my time between the US and Mexico and the more I learn about this incredible spirit the more I realize how much we, as outsiders, must work to share its history. But more importantly to take time and ask producers, how to honor the culture and the history of agave spirits while giving credit to the producers and sharing their story.

My most cherished bottles are Cascahuin Aniversario given to me by Remy Newland, who is an inspiration and is known to have the best palate in the industry.  Tequila Ocho Mesa Colorada Puntas 2023 at 71% ABV, which I received when I was part of the group that helped select the Puntas for 2023 with Carlos Camarena, his family and a select group of people invited by the Tequila Ocho team. Lalocura Espadin con quiote which is one of my favorite expressions from Lalo Angeles which I bought at their distillery when I visited and met him and shared great conversation.

Mike Barad

I’m the founder of the Great Lakes Tequila Club, a social club connecting tequila drinkers at all levels since 2020. The Club has a vibrant global following on Instagram, though it’s our local community in the Chicago area where we drive membership and in-person events. I’ve been an advocate for traditional additive-free tequila since discovering the difference in 2017 and enjoy bringing new people along on that same journey. 

Some of my most cherished bottles include Bad Hombre XA (given to me by Jason Krasno as the first charitable batch from Mission1530 that ultimately brought me here to the TTCF), a single barrel Código 1530 Reposado (my Club’s very first single barrel pick), and a 140 proof Caballito Cerrero Blanco (gifted to me in Mexico by El Gran Legado de Vida owner Steve Vera, a symbol of the strong relationships and generosity across the industry).

Marissa Paragano

Marissa Paragano, aka Tequila Encyclopedia, is a tequila educator, entertainer, and strategist. Known for her quips and short-form content, Marissa aims to make tequila education memorable and fun. Certified in Professionalization of Tequila Culture by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila, Marissa is also a Tequila Matchmaker panelist, and spirits competition judge. You can find Marissa every Tuesday at 9pm ET on Instagram Live, where she co-hosts The TequiLadies, a weekly live show featuring tequila experts, insiders, and enthusiasts. Marissa is based out of the NYC area.

Her three most cherished tequila bottles are: a 100ml Ultimo Agave blanco with the Carrera del Agave 10K race label that was given to participants at the finish line; a 375ml Bad Hombre reposado that was given to her by Jason, the founder of TTCF, on the day they met; and a half-full 100ml sample bottle labeled “K” containing an unreleased 63.1% Fuenteseca extra añejo signed by Sergio Mendoza

Gregg Millward

As someone who enjoys learning about the processes and cultures of distillates, I have been actively participating in the agave spirits industry as an informed consumer since 2014 and an advocate/influencer since 2016. I have worked with brands as an ambassador and educator and have shared over 200 mezcal and tequila reviews. I run an instagram page that celebrates the intersection of agave and horology and co-host the Spirit of Time, a podcast that highlights spirits, cocktails, food and wristwatches - and the communities that support them.

A few of the bottles of agave spirits that carry significant meaning to me include: Vago Elote - I met David Suro at a happy hour and he encouraged me to broaden my horizons to include all agave spirits and that was the next bottle I purchased. Fortaleza Añejo lote 42a was one of the first bottles that I remember the tequila community going truly bonkers over and represented a unique and special release. Finally, I stumbled upon a bottle of El Tesero Paradiso Extra Añejo Series A at the Museo del Tequila y Mezcal in Mexico City. While I wasn’t able to take it with me, it reminds me of a great visit and hope the next person was able to enjoy it as I did.